Freeze Dried Food for Long Term Storage
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Wise Food Storage: Freeze Dried Food to be used as emergency food supply, long term food storage, or every day uses like camping, hiking, hunting, back-up dinner plans.

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Freeze Dried Food is your best option for Long Term food Storage

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Freeze Dried Foods

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Freeze Dried Foods & The Importance of Long Term Food Storage

Having a supply of backup food storage is essential for your family in case of an emergency. The investment is worth while, and so is planning your family's survival plan. In the event of an emergency or natural disaster having the right brand that you trust with your future is the key to peace of mind. Wise food is one of the best choices for freeze dried food available on today's market. There are several reasons as to why Wise Food is smart choice.
Freeze Dried Foods for Sale
For starters, shelf life is important. Having food that you purchase now that will last a long time is very important. Wise ready-made foods have a shelf life of 25 years. Wise is able to provide this length of shelf life because the meals are packaged in nitrogen flushed pouches that are air-tight. The 25 year shelf life is the real deal when the food is stored in a cool area like a basement, that is dried and dark. Wise also carries an outdoor food line with a shelf life of 7 years, which are excellent meals to bring along on a camping or hunting trips. Another important factor in making a decision is the taste, which is where Wise foods excels. You won't regret having to dive into your long term food storage.

Wise Offers Many Different Packages. Choosing from 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month food supply. Monthly programs are also available if you want to build a 1 year supply over the course of several months. Breakfast and Lunch & Dinner entrees are available, as well as freeze dried fruits and vegetables, and even freeze dried meat which can be purchased separately. There is a wide variety of meal choices in each bucket, so that you want get sick of eating the same meal every day.

Investing in a backup food supply is truly essential, and could one day save your life. You can preserve both your family and your access to food with careful planning. The expense of a backup food supply is well worth the costs, especially when you consider the alternative. Check out Wise foods today to begin building your family's future, one meal at a time.

Freeze Dried Food

Not only is furnishings your home satisfying, but also having the peace of mind knowing that your family as enough food to survive an emergency. American Survival recommends what they like to call "emergency insurance", which is an emergency food supply. Having a backup food supply can be vital for survival. Also better home protection with gun laser sights for your home defense weapon gives you an instinctive advantage in a home or cabin invasion against intruders, available at Laser Sight Pro.